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Time Out Days

Brisbane Qld Australia

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Time-Out Day, Brisbane - BOOK HERE


Dates & Times

 6 November 2016
Sunday 'Time Out' Day - Wavell Heights, Brisbane
9.30am to 3.30pm

What is a Time-Out Day?      

Lyn knows the value of having 'time out' to switch off your busy mind and relax for a day. She created the 'Time Out Day' precisely for this reason and offers a full day (9.30am to 3.30pm) of yoga, releasing muscles and joints, breathing exercises, guided relaxation and meditation, for the purpose of stress relief and increasing your health and general wellbeing.

Deep Relaxation, Meditation, Guided Imagery with Yoga & Qi Gong for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Sunshine Yoga and Health
'Time-Out Days' offer you a full day of participation in a wide variety of yoga routines, movements and psoas muscle/hip releases, energisation exercises, qi gong, breathing techniques, guided relaxation and medititation. These days are especially good if you are stressed, anxious, tired and if you have back trouble. This is your "day off" from responsibilities, chores, family and any other concerns that may exist in the your world. In other words, it is a day set-up for 'YOU' to take some time out for 'YOU'!

Over the past 20 years the Time-Out Days have become increasingly popular. There is plenty of room to create your own "space", get self-absorbed and receive from the day what you need and what you want. You leave feeling nourished, rejuvenated, relaxed and more aware of 'you'.  Lyn creates variety and imparts years of valuable information and experience that you can take home and use. "Simplicity, soft and gentle" is her motto.  Specialty programs are set up which have included Chakra balancing, Chakra yoga, Stress management, Back issues, Feet and hands, Heart routines, Weight bearing and more.


Rates & Specials - 'Time-Out Days' - Brisbane

 •  Adult single $   95.00
 •  2 Adults (bring a friend!) $ 162.00 (includes 15% discount)
 •  Concession rate $   85.00


Full payment is required at the time of booking. Refunds apply only if notice of cancellation is received 2 weeks prior to the event.

Concession rates are provided for pensioners, students and full-time unemployed. Proof may be required for eligibility.

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The Program

This is an example of the program and could vary in content. However, its main structure is:

  • Breath awareness and pranayama (breath control exercises)
  • Joint releases/Psoas Muscle releases
  • Flowing yoga routines to incorporate postures, movement, breath
  • A 15 minute yoga nidra
         ... Lunch Break ...
  • Meditation
  • Qi gong
  • A yoga routine with affirmations - connecting mind and body through breath, and awareness of positive words
  • 20-minute guided relaxation
  • Farewell circle

The program can cover areas of the chakras, back and spine, hormones, strengthening, stress and anxiety release and working with specific areas of the body. 

Getting There

'Time Out' Day, Brisbane

The Seikukan Karate Club, 62 Cressey St, Wavell Heights. It is a large double storey besser block biege building. We are on the ground floor. Please turn into Cressey St off Edinburgh Castle Road NOT Shaw Road. It is NOT the Community Centre which is next door to the Karate Club .


A wholesome, nutritious and tasty fresh-made lunch is provided along with herb teas. "This is what I come for" says Pat, with tongue-in-cheek!

Bookings & Enquiries - numbers are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

 • for all other ENQUIRIES please click HERE

Payments can be made by Credit Card at either our SSL Secure Payments web page or by telephone, direct bank transfer, cheque,  or money order.

  •  A yoga mat (rubber non-slip yoga mat available from Sunshine Yoga $38)
  •  A blanket, rug or large towel
  •  A cushion or bolster
  •  Wear loose fitting clothing (warm clothing and socks in winter)
  •  Water bottle
  •  Eye pillow (optional)

Insight is the eye used to see below and beyond the surface,

so that we can fully appreciate the context
and the meaning of everything!


"I had a wonderful day at the recent Time Out Day and felt very calm over the following few days. Many thanks"   - Cecelia, Bribie Island 2012
"I really enjoyed the time Out Day and now understand why you call it that! I found it very gentle and the simplicity has made me now have a goal to work on making my life more simple. The food was great and I love the Client Pack with all the wonderful information. I look forward to sharing more of your experience" - Caroline, Brisbane

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to say thank you for such a wonderful "time-out" day yesterday. Once again I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience - from our personal folders filled with lots of interesting reading, the delicious lunch and of course the yoga!" - Julie, Brisbane

"Just wanted to let you know that Gavin and I really enjoyed yesterday's "time out day" . We never do anything for ourselves . Nearly all of our time, outside of work is taken up with looking after our elderly parents and other commitments that we never actually take the time to do something pleasureable for us. Gavin has woken up like a new man. He is able to walk downstairs with ease and has noticed he is standing more upright than he was before yesterday. He can't believe the difference already. " - Glenys, Brisbane (Glenys is Lyn's blind student)

"I am dropping you a line to thank you for the lovely 'time out day' yesterday. I really enjoyed myself and so did some of my muscles (at least that is what they are telling me today). The lunch was really lovely also and I met some nice people. I look forward to the next one.." - Dawn, Brisbane

"Thank you for a new "time out day" experience today. I was doubtful I would be kept interested for the length of the day. However, I did not notice "time" until my "School Stomach" told me it was around noon. It was a pleasure to meet you and the OOM that you brought with you into the room. Your food menu today was also a win win." - Maree, Brisbane

"Congratulations on your successful workshop yesterday. You are a true professional in every way. A lovely day in total! " - Pam, Murrumba Downs

"Thank you for a fantastic day of yoga. I arrived feeling rather unwell, knowing that I was needing some healing on the inside for my heart and soul. I truly left feeling I had achieved this through your guided yoga and meditation. Your knowledge, skills and teach of yoga is superb. Thank you for a life changing day. " - Natasha, Brisbane

"Just letting you know I LOVED your time out day. You are a fabulous teacher and I would certainly recommend people to you. I will make a definite booking for your next yoga day and my husband will come now he knows he could do many of the poses as he has only recently started yoga. You are certainly one of the best teachers I have come across. " - Lyndal, Brisbane

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