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North Brisbane, Australia

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Yoga Classes at Nundah and Wavell Heights continue during school holidays ... no classes over Christmas/New Year
Sunshine Yoga & Health offers restorative style hatha yoga which assists with overall health and wellbeing. We include a little Qigong along with wonderful guided relaxations, meditation. Focus is on conscious breathing with breath exercises and pranayama. Sunshine Yoga and Health uses release techniques for muscles and joints as well as psoas muscle releases that are most important for relief of lower back pain. Enjoy a powerful but gentle style which creates flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Our motto : "
Experience the power of gentleness with Sunshine Yoga"  ...

Locations & Time - Yoga Class Brisbane

To control the class sizes, pre-booking is essential. You will be given the addresses and directions to the Brisbane Yoga class location when you book or click on Location Map below.

WAVELL HEIGHTS - Seikukan Karate Club,
62 Cressey St, Wavell Heights

Wednesday Evening - 7.00 to 8.30pm

Turn into Cressey St
OFF Edinburgh Castle Rd
(not Shaw Rd)

NUNDAH - Nundah Activity Centre,
15 Jenner St, Nundah

Friday Morning - 9.30 to 11.00am 
Turn off Melton Rd to Jenner St.
The venue is near the Nundah Railway
Station and the Playing Field



 Concession rates are provided for pensioners, students and full-time unemployed. Proof may be required for eligibility.

Sunshine Yoga classes continues over School Holidays.
Day classes do not run on Public Holidays.
Evening classes run on Public Holidays.
  •  3 x Intro Lessons (first time client)
$   40.00
  •  8 x Lessons (use within 3 months)
$ 144.00
  •  Casual/Drop In (no commitment)
$   20.00
  •  Student/Pension $   15.00
    •  Nundah Class Only - Aged Pension $   13.00

Yoga Classes Brisbane - BOOK 

Yoga Enquires Brisbane -  Lyn's Mobile 0422 526 560 0422 526 560

Your Teacher Lyn Thomas Dip. IYTA Australia : Cert. YTT Ananda Yoga USA

Lyn has been teaching authentic Hatha Yoga for several decades.She knows from experience how to impart her knowledge in a very simple and user-friendly way. You will benefit from her expertise in teaching yoga postures, learning how to breath correctly, how to relax with her guided relaxation and meditation and then enjoy the wonderful experience of gentle movement with Qi gong. You will learn how to switch off your mind. You will experience what it feels like to de-stress.

She knows that a little effort brings a huge return ... what is life without self-effort to create your own health and wellness? This is true self-empowerment.

Summary of Benefits
  • Improve flexibility and strength
  • Tone your body
  • Improve mental health – depression, anxiety, stress
  • Aid concentration and learning ability
  • Improve cognitive processes with increased oxygen to the brain
  • Support athletic and fitness performance
  • Balance metabolism
  • Circulation and cardio health is increased
  • Relieves pain
  • Quiet the mind
  • Encourage self acceptance and positive thoughts
  • Increase awareness of your whole being and the world around you
  • Provides balance of mind, body, emotions and spirit

Bookings & Enquiries - numbers are limited so please book!
  • for all BOOKINGS - PURCHASES - PAYMENTS please click HERE
• for all other ENQUIRIES please click HERE

Payments can be made by Credit Card at either our SSL Secure Payments web page , plus direct bank transfer (BSB details are on the bookings form), cheque, money order or cash.


  • A yoga mat (rubber non-slip mat - thick 6.2 mm - available from Sunshine Yoga $38)
• A blanket or large towel
• A cushion or bolster
• Wear loose fitting clothing (warm clothing and socks in winter)
• Water bottle
• Newcomer please arrive 30 minutes early on your first session

Style of Yoga - Sunshine Yoga

Sunshine Yoga is based on Hatha Yoga principles. However, over several decades of yoga and health training and personal and professional practices, Lyn has created her own unique style. You will experience a beautiful flowing yoga. Her motto is "simplicity" and she invites you to "experience the power of gentleness with Sunshine Yoga & Health".

Sunshine Yoga is a system which unifies and blends body, mind, emotions and soul, using breathing techniques (pranayama), postures (asanas), yoga routines (vinyasa), movement (qi gong), relaxation and meditation. With your focus on breath and release, you will build strength and flexibility.

You begin your one and a half hour yoga class Brisbane using the diaphragmatic breath. Lyn spends half an hour with you on your first session, prior to the commencement of class. Conscious breathing is emphasised throughout the yoga class to release tight and tense muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Your breath will massage your organs. Your breath will build qi (chi) and move prana (life force energy). Your breath moves you to deep relaxation.


"You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to

Breathe, Trust, Let Go ... and see what happens".


Stress Management - Yoga and Relaxation

Conscious diaphragmatic breathing is a positive and proven stress management tool. Wherever you go you take your breath, so I ask "where would you get a more portable tool to de-stress and become calm"? It really is that simple and it is a technique that works brilliantly - every time. The only downfall is that YOU have to do it.

During your 15 minute relaxation and meditation time, at the end of your yoga session, you will experience deep relaxation. This is a beautiful place of calm, of peace, of balance. Breathing techniques combined with yoga postures assist you in switching off your busy mind. This is how you experience the incredible feeling of deep relaxation. Lyn believes you cannot manage stress without learning deep breathing.

Sunshine Yoga's system is amazing for increasing flexibility, tone and strength. A vast variety of postures (asana's) and yoga movements (vinyasa's) will not only create flexibility but will also increase your energy and vitality. Conscious breathing exercises whilst stretching with yoga postures, releases pain and tightness from your body. You will become centred and focused and experience a wonderful sense of "being in the moment".

Lyn has found from her own personal yoga journey that 'soft and gentle' builds sustained power and strength as opposed to dynamic yoga which can in fact strain and damage joints and muscles. This actually weakens your body. This needs to be considered when searching for the right yoga style, the right teacher for you and the appropriate class for where you are at in this moment. Our health and fitness levels regularly change and fluctuate, hence our need for varying styles and suitable practitioners.

Sunshine Yoga participants will tell you how they relax and de-stress just by listening to Lyn's soothing and calming voice which has developed through her own yoga practices.

You are guaranteed positive results from the variety of yoga routines offered and the guided relaxation and meditation given at the end of each Sunshine Yoga class. Lyn knows this quiet time to be the most pleasurable part of the class for the majority of clients. It's called "bliss"! Her experience confirms it is true that even after one session of Sunshine Yoga & Health you will feel amazingly better than when you first arrived. This system benefits so many people, from all walks of life. You leave your yoga class feeling lighter, taller, relaxed and connected.

"Hello Lyn, Another fabulous yoga class again today. Thank You!" ...Stuart O, Nundah
"Lyn, I am in a very good place at the moment, enjoying my daily Yoga sessions with your DVD's. Coming to class on Friday mornings has just made me feel so much stronger in mind and body......I'm loving the way I am feeling "....Gloria T, Nundah

"Thank you so much for being there over the last 10 years of my weekly yoga classes with you. I have grown so much since knowing you, but let me assure you, you were the guiding light, and for that, I thank you"....Daph B. Bondall
"My back has always been an issue and the more stretching and exercise I do the less it pains me. The breast cancer is not so new now, it is six years this month, but my arm still gives me trouble. The more stretching and movement, the less pain and the less aching, so I do need to build up slowly again. I enjoyed the session last week, and came home realising it had been far too long since I did yoga and how much I enjoyed it. Just so beneficial for my entire body." ...Dianne C, Wavell Heights

"Just wanted to thank you - your classes really make a big difference to me. Thanks for the love that you give us each week. "- Sonda B, New Farm

"I am looking forward to spending more time at your yoga class, sharing in your harmony and good grace." - Mary M, Brighton

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